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Thread: know your fellow members

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    Name: Lady Dragon a.k.a Patti
    Age: 18
    eyes: very dark brown that look black sometimes
    sex: female
    status: single single single. have been all my life ~_~.
    Height: 5'0 1/2 almost 5'1. ~_~ im so short!!!
    Weight: 118
    B-day: September 25, 1986
    Hobbies: Writing my book and short stories yay! swimming, anime, forum sites, mangas, ummm theres more but i cant think...aww man stupid brain wont work!! (hehe)
    Fav Car: mustang, corvette, camaro. not new ones the older ones yay
    Fav Food: meat!
    Least Fav Food: certain foods
    Fav Movie: too many to choose from.....umm maybe mortal kombat 1,2,3
    Fav Anime: gundam wing, g gundam, sailor moon!!!!! YAY!, ronin warriors, yuyu hakusho, cowboy bebop, inuyasha, rurouni kenshin, fushigi yuugi, vandread, and many many more
    Fav Anime Characters: sailor jupiter, uranus, and nehelenia
    Fav Color: red, dark purple, dark green
    Fav Quote:
    Don't wish it was EASIER...Wish you were BETTER.
    Don't wish for less PROBLEMS...Wish for more SKILLS.
    Don't wish for less CHALLENGES...Wish for more WISDOM.
    Favorite Song: Celine Dion-The Reason
    Last edited by Lady Dragon; 03-25-2005 at 08:26 PM.

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