Name:Jennifer Liliette Mofo!! aka smile1010
Age:16! Whoa
Nationality:100% Nicaragua!! Yeah, i don't know where it is either, XD Jk
height: 5"3
Fav.Color:Blue Black white and purple.
Hobbies:Being with my friends!! Being threatened by grown ups to call the cops on us! Whoa!
Favorite food: French Fries, and Strawberries
Least favorite food:Suishi blah...
Fav. Class: Art
Least Fav class: Math
Favorite singers/bands now:Hannah Montana Saosin. Rise against
Job:High school student
"Into" Anime:Inuyasha, Sailor Moon, blah
Soul Calibur 1 and 2, and 3 doa and pretty super mario
fav.manga(s)ears, Bleach, it hehehe