The rules are....
1.Never talk about fight club!Violation of this will result in....Just kidding.
Real #1.You choose your mecha from any show whether it's crappy or not I don't care.
2.I will be giving stats fairly by you goving me the mecha's options(i.e.stealth,nuclear weapons,God-like powers)The more you describe,the more versatile the mech will be.
3.We will fight in this styled areana...

a b c d e f g h_
1 I_I_I_I_I_I_I_I_I
2 I_I_I_I_I_I_I_I_I
3 I_I_I_I_I_I_I_I_I
4 I_I_I_I_I_I_I_I_I
5 I_I_I_I_I_I_I_I_I
4.You will start with your designated coordinates.
You can choose any option you described at the cost of SP or special points to use the attack.
5.Default stats are...
The rest will be decied by the armor and weapons.
6.This is the statistics for the designated Armor/Weapons
Steel=40 Def
Mithril=50 Def
Z Alloy=50 Def/20 Special DEf
Titanium=60 Def
Gundarium=70 Def
Eva Armor=60 Def/40 Special Def
Admantite=70 Def/50 Special Def
Magnum=35 ATK Range=3 regular Fuel Cost=10 Usages=6
SMG/Assault Rifle= 45ATK Range= 3 Straight Fuel Cost=10 Usages=20
Prog Knife=70 Atk Range=1 regular Fuel Cost=30
Beam Rifle=60 ATK Range=4 regular Fuel=20
Pulse Rifle=100 ATk Range=3 cross attack Fuel Cost=100
Buster Rifle=100 ATK Range=5 straight Fuel=50
Katana=100 ATK Range =1x3 Fuel=30
Rocket Launcher=150 ATK Range=4 cross attack Fuel=30 Usages=3
Nuke=200 Range=ALL Fuel=250 Usages=3
Grenade=50 Atk Range=5 cross attack Fuel=10 Usages=4
Plasma Grenade=70 Range=4 cross attack Fuel=10 Usages=4
Homing Funnels=50 Range=3 Move=3 Fuel=30 Usage=3 Works till=3 turns.
7.Last man standing wins.