I don't know if it's OK to ask this, but if it's not, feel free to remove. I really need help:

Does anyone know where to download:

1. The uncut version of Kenshin Seisouhen OVA (the one that shows Kenshin-Kaoru wedding and Kenji's childhood) ????????? If you know, please tell me!!!!!! (Here's the screencaps from Seisouhen: http://www.angelfire.com/emo/rkfanfi.../pictures.html)
2. Kenshin eps 85-95. I tried to download from Suprnova and B-A and HQ, but it always showed error message. The error messages are: "Problems connecting to tracker," "Permission denied, Guest cannot download this, make sure your IP is..." Do you know anywhere else that has them ?

And, Can someone please seed RUROUNI KENSHIN eps 85-95 for me ?? I really really want to watch those eps!!

Thanks in advance!!!!