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Thread: Idea of the Shoni Empire, and Flying Ninjas and Flying Samurai

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    Default Idea of the Shoni Empire, and Flying Ninjas and Flying Samurai

    I though of a new force in the Naruto series, a force known as the Shoni Empire, a militaristic and quickly growing faction that has conquered nearby clans and is led by the Emperor Shinzo Shoni. The Shoni Empire originated from the Hidden Wind City, which was notable for giving ninjas and soldiers the ability to use their chakra to grant them flight, and with that, they have become a force to be reckoned with.

    Some of the notable flying ninjas and samurai:

    Ryuhaku Hyuga: once a member of the Hyuga clan thought long dead, lost in a cave-in, he was rescued by an Imperial expedition force led by Kaede Suguri and became loyal to the empire and fell in love with Kaede ever since. While in service of the Empire, he learned to harness his chakra to grant him flight and was made into the Chief of Intelligence by the Emperor himself. With his Byakugan ability combined with his flying, no one can hide from him. He is a formidable fighter as well; combining his gentle fist with his flying ability, he is able to swoop down and strike down foes hard before they can reach him. He is an ideal fusion of a Hyuga ninja and a Shoni flyer.

    Kaede Suguri: a warrior who rose ranks within the Shoni army, Kaede is a female samurai archer who has learned to harness her chakra to empower her arrows, and now she was granted the ability to fly and rain down arrows on the empire's foes. She became the leader of the corps of flying samurai archers. After rescuing Ryuhaku Hyuga, both he and Kaede fell in love with each other.
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