I am interested to know some slang from where you all live I'll give examples of some from Belfast Ireland

Swall - To drink alcohol "Lets go have a swall"
What the craic (pronounced crack) - "Whats up"
Aye - Yes
Feg - Cigarette
Mon well - fighting talk
Banter - Having a good time with some "He is great banter"
Dead on - Being nice "He is dead on"
Sound - same as dead on "he is sound"
Munter - name for woman of 40 years plus that tries to dress and act like a teenager
Eejit (pronounced e-jit) - friendly way of calling someone an Idiot "He is an ejit"
Pull - trying to pick up the opposite sex "I am going out on the pull"

There are some more but are irrelevant as I think they may also be used elsewhere in the world