I thought of a new character that I thought it would have been nice to add: a 14-year old boy named Kenji Kojiro. He has brown hair and blue eyes, as well as a "damaged" left arm. He has a similar background to Tohru, only with a darker result that gives him a more solitary, depressed, quiet, and dark nature as well as his crippled arm.

At age 13, he was in the car driven by his mother (his father died of a heart attack, his grandparents died while he was young, he has no siblings). He was in the front seat with his mother going to get a gift for a friend of hers. During the drive, another driver made a quick turn and hit the car, causing it to swerve and crash into a wall. The crash left his mother dead and his left arm crippled. After some time in the hospital, he lives in his house with no one to take care of him, leaving him to fend for himself with his right arm.

During the events of Fruits Basket, Kenji is 14 and his left arm has recovered somewhat; his cast is off and he can move his shoulders and elbow but not his hands or fingers. However, he still speaks little of himself, though more to Tohru because of similar backgrounds. He also reads about the chinese zodiac, which was read by his mother before her death.