When was your last family reunion or family outing? Where did you go, what did you do, and what did you experience?

Mine was today actually. It's not exactly a reunion per se, since my sis and brother in law live in the same town, we just don't see each other much anymore since my sis moved out of the same building a few years back. This outing was supposed to be last week, and my niece was supposed to come along, but she has college life and seems to favor being with her friends than going on a once a year get together with her family (I don't know what's up). Anyways, it was just me, my parents, my elder sister and her husband, all crammed into one small van! We went out of state (only an hour drive in fact!) and had a fun time discussing things with each other. Since I haven't seen my sis since before the Lunar New Year, it was red envelope time! She gave me a Hello Kitty envelope lol.

We ate at a new Chinese restaurant which is located right next to the one that the new restaurant ran out of business (competition is tough and there were even feuds and threats amongst each other from what my sis told me). The food was pretty damn good and the bill came up to over $130 for five people. I was my usual self and ate a crap ton. My sis says one plate to me is a week's worth of meals for her lol. The food was good also because I didn't develop a stomach ache even after eating all that food! So we left satisfied.

Our final stop was the Asian super market, where my family kind of "re-stocks" their supplies of Asian stuff lol. Man, that place is crowded! There was also so much stuff crammed together, and so little space to maneuver. It's nice seeing there's a healthy amount of non-Asians there as well. Long story short, I got myself some yuzu and lychee gummy candy and helped pack all the stuff back at the van. On our way home, we had even more laughs (I'm quite the comedian when I feel like it ) and more family revelations. Still though, it would have been more fun had my niece decided to come along. we're like best buddies when we're together and major goofy goobers and chatter boxes. And that's why bad mouthed people don't effect us much, because of our unusual personalities.

Anyways, today was fun since I finally went out of town for a day! And with my awesomely dysfunctional family no less. I look forward to just getting out of this town in the future. Maybe to Japan lol. Who knows?