There's a anime (tag: mecha/space) that i watched one episode of when i was around 8 or 9 i'm 21 now and i can't remember the name of it and all i remember this a very brief scene if you can help me find it you'll be like fecking enshrined in my house, no really i will rise a state in you likeness!

anyways what i remember is that it might of been on cartoon network but i struggled to find the match searching the listings provided on Wikipedia from that time

The scenes i remember are; crew traveling trough space, they find someone in space but he is unconscious and has amnesia. after that the grozit hits the fan and a mecha battle breaks out the rescuers of the amnesia guy are decisively losing the battle but lord behold amnesia guy smashes through all kinds of gears and wipes the floor with his adversaries!

i realise that this isn't much to go on but for some reason my mind keeps nagging me to find out what it was and any help will be appreciated regardless of the results!

seriously i will build that statue and recite thanks to it everyday