This is a story I wrote, because I really felt like writing something sweet last night. I classify it as a story, but it's written like a poem, so... I am a bit lost at the moment. Well, here it is under Poetry, I guess.


A Winter Romance

I met you on December 1st
you signed my coffee cup
you weren't even a barista
I helped with some car problems
and you had a pencil but no paper.

We played board games our first date
it was stupid but it beat being outside
we were drinking cheap wine
and playing Clue as the wind picked up
we kissed to Cheap Trick on the radio.

We didn't see a lot of each other for a while
we both had work and we were awkward
but our lunch hours synced up well
so we spent time at a little cafe
with coffee and cocoa and holding hands.

Our second date was after Christmas
we went walking through a snowy park
I told you I loved you for the first time
and you took off your mittens and held me
and I felt the warmth of your lips defrost my own

But it's only been a lovely month
will we live through the winter?
we could be made of snow
and melt when the sun comes out
I've never been so scared in my life.