I can't believe there wasn't already a thread about this. And if there is, and I somehow didn't see it despite only like ten threads having posts past X-Mas ... Bah to you. Bah to you all.

... So what did you get?


I got:

- A 6-pack of Stella Artois cider
- A 4-pack of Strongbow cider
- Three boxes of Toblerone. Because Toblerone is godly.
- A selection box of Cadbury's chocolate
- Four new shirts, one of which is a Space Invaders one (HNNG) and one of which is a Ghostbusters one (HNNNNNNG).
- Two new pairs of trackies (translation: sweats, jogging pants, chav-trousers, whatever floats your boat).
- Two new hoodies
- Four pairs of boxer shorts (¬_¬ yes, I know)
- Ten pairs of socks. Because shut up don't argue until you're at least 24 because you're too young to understand the importance of new socks until you're 24 D:<
- A new hat (this one has a minor story around it, involving my mum believing my current hat is 'scrungy' because it was black when I bought it and it's now grey because it faded due to being used a lot).
- Some deoderant. As if I don't have enough of the stuff ... because I don't use it because I use anti-persperant, not deoderant.


- A stocking full of random bars of Fruitella, chocolate sticks, candy canes, a box of Galaxy Minstrels, some nuts (I don't like nuts) ... and an orange. Yes, I got an orange. I, however, do not get to keep the stocking. Just the crap they put inside of it.

Best. Christmas. Ever.*

Actually, it wasn't the Best Christmas Ever, but it was still pretty decent. I guess I'm at that age to just appreciate the time spent with my family and not the stuff like free laptops. Because apparently I'm too old for that stuff now and am expected to buy it myself with non-existent monies boo D:< lol.