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Just fifteen years of doing it that way. After a while you just get used to doing things a certain way.
Fair enough.

Though since Ranshiin mentioned it, I do recall that often such interactions were very slow IRL. I'm remembering quite a few times now where the players would go OOC and discuss what the speaker should say.

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You'd be surprised at the number of systems that don't have this.
Maybe. What published systems don't? (Obviously homebrews may not. For example the one I'm putting together doesn't).

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For those that do you still RP it out and a good DM would decide if a roll was needed. A player doing what you described would be chewed out by the DM and other players. Even if you RP well and get a low roll, failing the check, it doesn't have to be about your character's persuasiveness but can simply mean the NPC is hard headed or was never going to budge in the first place. I've never seen a charisma check made with players interacting with other players. Just against NPCs. And in a way it acts as a way for a DM to be unable to simply say it doesn't work. For those systems that don't have it, just hope you have a reasonable DM.
I've seen a lot of variations on dealing with the issue actually (and heard a lot of complaining), I was just curious how you went about it.

I find divergence especially occurs when a character has a truely exceptional capability that the player can't come close to matching (often that just ends in disillusionment for the player).

More using a third party program with AF members as the players.
Yeah, that'd be hard. I've found people surprisingly unwilling to move off of a given forum. (And often trying to lure them away is a rules infraction, I'm not sure about here)

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As for the thing about the separate cultures, sunny, you could do a 'short' and 'long' version and put the long version in Spoilers so people that are interested could read into the backstories a little deeper, and then those that don't want to have the shorter version for reference?
Using spoiler tags is an awesome idea! Thanks

My character seems to have a few minor Bushido traits judging by your long explanation of the culture but I'm still sticking with the Therian stuff because of who/what he is. Maybe I can work those traits to my advantage (i.e. give them a logical reason/purpose in the RP).
Yeah, it could work well if you character feels somewhat drawn to a different culture. That could explain why you might interact with or end up in the same place as someone else's character.