Darn! Well then, a beluga whale. So long as I have a huge pool for us to swim together. c: If a land animal, then probably a fox. Or ferret. Their hyperactivity is the most adorable thing ever.

Weirdest dream. Hmm.. which to choose... A couple nights ago I dreamt I was in some sort of subterranean dungeon, where everything was huge carnivorous seahorses and squids (no sharks though, now that I think about it...). Apparently I was scuba-diving with some researchers to try and stop the spread of these creatures, and the only sanctuary from them was in this magical little fish tank we could shrink and go into, that had a big purple spire and smaller, friendlier seahorses inside. We ended up discovering this sort of portal (which looked a lot like a pinkish End Portal in Minecraft), which led to... a Quidditch field. There was a game going on, and all the players had seahorse heads and moth wings. It may have been a Quidditch field, but no one was flying. Except us. We could fly. But the players couldn't.

...Seriously. I forget the rest of the details... but, you get the picture.

*COUGH* Last book you read?