Ive gotten a few questions about this, so I figured now is a great time to bring it back!

I will provide a lineart drawing for download, and its your jobs to color it!
Now, it does say digital painting but I will allow the image to be printed, colored and scanned.

Now, rules [which are subject to change]:

1. There must not be any reprinting or reproduction of any of the pieces used nor any of the entries; they are only to be posted for this contest only.

2. Entries are due Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 [this gives you 2 weeks]

3. Painting/coloring must be your own work.

4. Color is completely up to you. Go as wild or mild as you like.

5. Entries can be submitted in this thread or via PM.

Remember- this is not your art. Do not add your own watermark. Animegalleries is not required for entries.

This week is a personal drawing I did for a book cover, one of several characters I drew. My lines arent perfect, its still pretty sketchy, sorry. But I figured a single character without a background or anything would be easy enough to get more people to enter.

I do not personally mind if you post your entry in another thread or on DA so long as you credit me. Otherwise I'll cut you o.o
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Heres the link to the DA as well: