I think the original Japanese Title was "Iron Man 88," but I could be wrong.

The original was in black and white and was kick-@$$! They had a new one I used to watch on the Science Fiction Channel back in the mid-Nineties, and the Kid had the same Joystick Controller with the one Button on it like Atari.

For a hoky, camp Anime, I LOVED it! It was meant to be campy and hoky! One of the Villains was called Doctor Murkybottom. The one in Colour had a better Design to Gigantor without the cartoony Eyes and the Pinnocchio Nose.

They even had an Introduction at the Beginning of each Episode where they go into detail about how they used as much of the original Gigantor to create the new Version.

If anything "The Big O" is a ripoff of "Gigantor" and James Bond, because Gigantor fought off Robots in each Episode. I am not sure if this belongs in the Anime Review Forum or not, but it definitely is worth mentioning.

The one in colour was serious, though. They dealt with one Villain who had a bad Heart and there was a melancholy Death Scene at the end where the Villain passed away after his Sister tried to get him to change to good before dying and to hang on until a Transplant could be made.

Either Version is worth reliving. I miss Saturday Mornings in the Nineties watching the Science Fiction Channel. They had Anime AND Supermarionation Puppet Shows from Britain.

Here is the Theme Song.

"Gigantor! Gigantor! Gi-gaaaaa-a-an-toooooor!
Gigantor the Space-age Robot!
He's at your Command!
Gigantor the Space-age Robot!
His Power is in your Hands!
Bigger than bigger! Taller than tall!
Quicker than quick! Stronger than strong!
Ready to fight for right! Against wrong!
Gigantor! Gigantor! Gi-gaaaaaa-a-an-toooooor!"

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