Hi guys!

If you may have noticed Maru (Omega) is now joining us on the forum as a moderator. She's a RPEr here on the forums so it made sense to have her come and join as a moderator.

I'm still the one approving the posts but she's come to help me keep things clean.

The forum will be changing. The approvals will be removed from the main section of the RPG and a subforum will have the approval process in place. The subforum will have different rules, as in you will be allowed minor curse words (censored) and some sexual themes... minor violence... stuff that we might see on TV and experience when reading an adult fiction.

These things will not be allowed in the main forum in unapproved RPGs. Makes it the plus of an approved RPG.

So if you come here and are wondering where your RP went, it vanished. I ate it.


It was delicous...


Why are you looking at me like that?

Finnnnnne. I moved it over to the subforum.

I'll post again when the changes take effect.