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Thread: Rules and FAQ for Traditional Art Section

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    Default Rules and FAQ for Traditional Art Section

    Rules and FAQ for Traditional Art Section

    Last Updated: 7/15/2013
    Version 1.0

    A simple rundown. This thread is for the rules of creating a thread in this area, as well as posting in it and what you can do in the forum. The rules are fairly straight forward and are separated into 3 sections: Rules for creating a thread, rules for posting in one, and a FAQ (frequently asked questions) in order to help you get started.

    If you have any questions, please contact either myself, Ellipsis, or Rainbow Crash. But especially Rainbow Crash, because its funny bothering her, and you didnt hear it from me.

    Rules for creating a Thread:

    1. All art you post must be made via traditional medium (pencils, pens, paper, paint, string, etc). Anything digital, such as Photoshop creations, belong in the Digital Art Section
    2. The Art MUST MUST MUST be made by you. Do not post work made others, either with their permission or without. Any work found be ripped, stolen, copied, other wise will result in potential ban.
    3. Keep all art work clean, or as clean as you can make it. Nudity is not allowed, as well as anything beyond that. Posting images of that nature will result in it being removed and you will receive a warning. If your work is Ecchi in nature, please label your thread respectively with a 'PG-13' in its title as a warning. Please contact a mod if you are unsure of whether or not your work is considered 'ecchi' or 'nudity.'
    4. Please post your respective works in the appropriate sub threads. Drawings of any form belong in the Drawing Section, as do Paintings (acrylic, oils, etc), and Artisan Crafts (crocheting, sculptures, etc).
    5. You are NOT allowed to attempt to sell your work. This is not a selling forum for ANYTHING. This is a work for displaying work, and receiving feedback. Do not use this area for getting 'likes' or 'votes' to win a contest on another site.
    6. You are allowed only ONE (1) Thread in each area. This thread should act as your work area where you can continue to post works over time. DO NOT title your thread 'My Inuyasha Drawing,' please label them with your Username and whatever you are including in the thread so you can keep track of it.

    Rules for Posting in a thread:

    1. No Spamming. Posts under 4 words or less will be deleted, as well as posts of a non-sensible manner. Doing this multiple times will result in an infraction.
    2. No Flaming. If you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all. A post that is rude or is bashing a work will be deleted. Multiple instances of this will result in an infraction.
    3. Do not Quote Images in a Reply to a posting. They take up a bunch of space, and are generally annoying.
    4. Do not Double post. Use the edit button.


    Q: Can I still post fanart in this area?
    A: Yes, just be sure to post it in its sub forum. If none of them apply, post it in this main area as a general thread for the Traditional Art forum.

    Q: I posted my thread and it isnt showing up in the forum?
    A: You're thread is either awaiting moderator approve before it appears, or has been moved to its proper place. If your thread does not appear after a certain amount of time (my rule of thumb is only a couple hours) please contact a moderator for assistance.

    Q: I draw mostly comic book characters and real people (and ponies), even though this is a an anime forum, can I still post?
    A: Yes, draw whatever you like, so long as you are following the aforementioned rules on nudity, etc.

    Q: What kinds of art can I post? I dont draw people....?
    A: Any, so long as it fits the subforum. If you mainly paint landscapes, you may post them in the Painting section. If you doodle graffiti in a notebook, they can be posted in the Draw Section.

    Q: I dont know how to draw, or paint, but can I still post in someone's thread because I like what they did?
    A: Absolutely. As long as the post is longer than 4 words, it is however preferred you give the artist constructive feedback beyond 'I think it looks really good!' Be descriptive.

    Q: Okay, so I both draw AND paint, do I create one thread for both?
    A: You will create a thread for each respective variant of piece. Your painting will go into a thread in the Painting Section and your drawings will go in a thread in the Drawing section.

    Q: I draw with charcoal, colored pencils, water colors, pastels, chalks (fill in the blank), etc, do those go under my thread in the Drawing section?
    A: Yes, they all go there. And more power to you for using multiple mediums.

    Q: I take my art quite seriously, and I'm just not getting the feedback I want. Is there any way I can get better constructive criticism?
    A: Yes, the Advanced Critique Section section is designed for more serious feedback and not for the faint hearted. If you cannot access this section, and wish to be part of it, contact Rainbow Crash.

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    Default Re: Rules and FAQ for Traditional Art Section

    So we can draw something that we drawed yet is something for a tv show

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