Correction YATTA!

The four lines:

Guu guu guu guu
Pasu pasu pasu pasu

Guu guu guu guu
Pasu pasu pasu pasu

are missing above Mizu nondara ume ~e !
in the kanji lyrics.

The romaji and English are done from the kanji, so this error is spread there to.

I have checked several videos, including the most popular with 400 000 views. They sing the missing lines in all I have checked. In shorter versions of this song they donít change any lines, but just truncate the song earlier.

Itís common in all languages that a singer has many recordings and sometimes happens to sing a different word with the same meaning, compared to the written lyrics. For example if you hear o-mizu and the kanji says mizu, then mizu is correct. Thatís not a problem.

But a block of missing lines is a problem. The main purpose of the romaji is to help us to sing along in the songs. I paste the romaji into a narrow and tall Word document I keep beside the Youtube window. Then I watch the video with my left eye and the romaji with my right eye.

I loose track from the missing lines. I go like ďwhere am I, where am I?Ē and start searching upwards and downwards. Meanwhile they sing a lot, so Iím even more lost. The romaji would function better as a sing along aid if the missing lines where inserted.

I recommend this video for error checking, because it has BOTH kanji and English subs:

(The Pai Rangersí kanji has a similar error: Many repeats of pai, pai, pa, pa, pai pai rangers are missing. It seems that when a song has many repeats of a really simple nonsense line, then some of the repeats tend to be lost in the kanji lyrics?)