I cant believe i couldnt see this in a post already here.
I for one love this anime! The first season being the milk feeder nurturing you into the Mecha world were the supernatural and science collide.

Natsume Tomoharu and his struggles to accept his new fate with the Asura Machina's and the demons that are constantly invading his once was normal life style! Well normal as one who is followed around by the projective being of his best friend Minakami Misao.
Projection beings being the sacrifices to power the Asura Machina. Giant machines with great combat abilites. Though not all of these great machines fall into the right hands.

Lord i do love this show. First time you see Kurogane your like Whaaaaa? DAYM!
Then you have the colossus of darkness which your again like DAYMMMM!!!!
and last but not least Kurogane enfused with the power of Persephone and Duel Sword Style by AKI. Just Daym.

Talk! Tell me about your favorite moments in the anime.
Things you liked and disliked.
Go Crazy!