yep. pretty much what the title says.
i don't even really know why, i've only found 1 real guy attractive in about 2 years, yet i've had loads of anime crushes.
i get all "squeeee" over anime boys the way other girls get over real boys-- but when it comes to real boys, i'm like "ew gross".
it kinda sucks because all of the guys who are physically attractive end up having terrible personalities, they are unintelligent and crude.
it's not like i really expect some perfect guy inside and out to waltz into my life because, i know i'm not anywhere near perfect myself.
it just makes me sad sometimes that i can't experience any attraction to boys unless they're... 2d, out of my reach, no way i could actually get to know them because THEY'RE NOT REAL lol.

i think i've started to determine lately that it might be because with real human beings, you never know whether to trust them or not. i think anime boys seem trustworthy because their thoughts are all narrated and you know when he tells the female character "i love you", he's not lying to get in her pants because you watched his deep monologue with himself about whether or not to confess to her the night before.

idk. just my thoughts. little bit of ranting. anyone relate?