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WOW. I've been in MAL since 2008 and I haven't known this at all. Thank you so much!!! xDD

PS: you still haven't answered my question about Prisma iilya xDD
Didn't see that. Keep in mind I'm not fan of Fate/Zero and haven't seen FSN. I watched ep1 of Fate/KLP and saw a bath scene that took up a portion of the episode so didn't continue it. After about 6 episodes Yoko here on the forum was telling me how good it was getting so I started it back up. First 3 episodes weren't all that great, 4 was okay, and starting 5 I was really enjoying it.

Not being a fan of how slow paced the plot was in F/Z, F/KLP had a fast moving pace which I liked. I also didn't like how serious F/Z was. This series though has the chance to be less serious at times but did good when needed. Basically, F/KLP is a fast paced, less serious, same level animation, anime that I enjoyed more just off personal preference. I could talk on and on but I'll stop here. 3rd favorite anime that started this season, 4th if you include all airing since Railgun is my #1