I'm a sucker for Anime based on video games and stuff like that. There are some gems like Street Fighter II and Fatal Fury, and some real stinkers. I didn't like Gungrave or Tekken. What would you like to see next?

I'd love to see ChronoTrigger myslef, or a well done Final Fantasy. The computer animated versions were ok at best, I was really disappointed in Advent Children. Final Fantasy really went down hill after 9, I couldn't stand 10 or just about anything that came after that. I'm not a fan of the realistic look of the games. They're beautiful, but they just aren't the same. I think both stories really lend themselves to a good anime. The old 16 and 32 bit games really mimicked the anime storytelling.

Resident Evil would be really fun as an anime. The live action motion pictures just get more-and-more aweful, but the computer animated one was ok.

What do you guys think?