I'm in a digital arts class at the moment, and wanted some feedback from outsiders of my class for input. And if I ever have anything else I want to share I put it here too :P

Attachment 75660

Attachment 75659

Both of the above pictures are resized to about 25% of what they originally were, mainly because the originals were around 4.5 MB each with a resolution of 3000x2000 I believe. These were both designed as cover art for a book I'm working on. In class designed a sleeve for a hard back out of the prominently red one.

I posted these and others on DA (Deviant Art) but got minimal responses and no one commented on any of them either, that's one of the reasons I'm posting here is because it's a forum designed so I was hoping some one would give me something, and at least tell me if I suck. XD

Speaking of DA I actually sold a small 8x10 (Or close to that) print of Blue Valley (Bottom) which I thought was pretty cool. I guess I'm not too bad if someone shelled out money for a copy! Well that's all I got, patiently waiting your approval or disapproval!

oh, look 2 posts 2 threads, I guess I'm a baws.