Hello everyone, KrazyFang's the name. I'm a pretty average 20 year old dude living in one of the North Country's most dangerous cities, Stabmonton (er I mean Edmonton). I've only recently started getting into anime, but I've fallen far down the "rabbit-hole" in the three months I've been into it.

Here's a list of my favorite anime series so far:
Black Lagoon
Black Butler
Haganai: I don't have many friends
Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan
Serial Experiments Lain
Sora No Otishimono
Ouran High School Host Club
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Elfen Lied

I've got over 120 GBs of unwatched animes on my hard drive, so I'll be busy for awhile but I'd love some reccomendations based off my list if you have any.

Other than anime, I'm a huge fan of asian cinema. Revenge flicks like Oldboy, I Saw the Devil and my all time favorite movie, Sympathy For Mr Vengeance. The Shogun Assassin series, Ichi the Killer, DROP, the Raid and Battle Royale are high on my list as well. Oldschool cheesy horror/splatter flicks also greatly appeal to me, as do psychological thrillers and movies that provide a total mind-f**k.

Musically, I'm a fan of quite a diverse range of genres. I might feel like some emotive hardcore/screamo or sad indie-rock at one time, but an hour later I might be blasting some harsh crust punk/d-beat or grindcore, and the next thing you know it's oldschool hip-hop, jazz, surf rock or even ambient!

Apart from anime, I love everything to do with the Warhammer 40k fandom, Calvin and Hobbes and Breaking Bad. I like to walk and ride my bike on nice days, but other than that, I'd prefer to stay in my room alone, unless some of my buddies invite me to go out drinking!

So that's my introduction, hope to have a good time here and anything else you wanna know about, feel free to ask away!