Hi all,

Nice to finally join your community

I am a professional software architect/developer in the UK.

I watch all Anime (from ~2001) and am currently up to Spring 2011 on the airing schedule, at Ao no Exorcist. Although I did have to skip ahead for some shows like the To Aru no saga, Kore ha Zombie and Zero no Tsukaima .

It will be a while before I catch upto what is airing now but I find this way I don't miss out on any great shows (Hen Zemi / Mitsudomoe for example omfg) and I don't have to wait a week per episode or 2 years per season. I am/was following Fairy Tail, Bleach and Naruto on a weekly basis however.

I am learning the Japanese language and Anime / Manga / Music and Video Games I find to be an invaluable help towards that end. The pokemon / final fantasy games are great for this. (I actually made a pdf of the screenshots of each dialogue in FF7 for my tablet haha).

Again nice to meet you all.