Before I get to the theme, I want to add a poll, because I don't see why dotm is anonymous. I'll let you guys vote on it though. Poll closes in a week.

Theme: Original Content
Original characters, landscapes, objects, etc! Whatever you make has to be something completely by you, so no fanart Digital and traditional is allowed, no vectors though.

Worth tagging a few members in here, so
@boombza @St3mocon @Serated @Jacob's Ladder @Michael Ark Angel @Gyzra @flimsybox @Cantelope @Carrot Copper


1) Please make sure your drawing is not too large or too small. If you're not sure if the size is appropriate, please PM me and ask.

2) Make sure your entry is appropriate (no porn or swearing). If you're not sure about something, please ask.

3) You do not have to sign "" on your entry, but do not sign your name. This is an anonymous contest.*

4) You may only use three drawings per contest that has been created by you, and it cannot be anywhere else on the internet.

5) Discussion of entries, missed deadlines, or anything else that might show who is entering and who is not is not allowed. Giving away the identity of an illustrator, whether it is you or the other person, will resolve in both entries being disqualified.

6) All entries must be in by Sunday, March 31st. Entries submitted after that date will not be accepted.

7) All comments, questions, or concerns should be made in the Theme thread. Please respect each other comments and questions. If I believe you're trying to dissuade someone from entering, or purposely trying to start an argument with them, I will give you a warning. Three warnings and you're out of the month's competition.

8) Please make sure your entry arrive to Ellipsis. I will allow you one chance to edit your entry if it does not meet the requirements (i.e. pornography, profanity, plagiarism, etc.).

9. You may use either traditional paper drawing or you may use a digital drawing.

All entries must be submitted to Ellipsis by Sunday, March 31st. Please label your PM "DOTM March Entry"

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Also, to clarify, you may vector your lineart, but no full 100% color vectors.
Reason being, vectors are more mouse than drawing.