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The current year is 3041, after a great many wars and death the world has finally been able to become one and unite as a people. Though the world is still split into different subdivisions, each one holding their own exalt or ruler. Each area has a symbol of peace, the piece of the legendary amulet, said to grant someone unimaginable power and strength to seal away a terrible evil, but at the cost of their own life. Through the ages the pieces of the amulet have been renewed and passed down from Exalt to Exalt. However, several problems have risen in less than a few weeks time, one of the Exalts (out of the eleven) was assassinated by an organization rising to power called The Order.
The world see’s them as terrorists, and they are trying to take new world power. Now one of the eleven pieces of the amulet are unreachable by anyone, and peace is slowly beginning to be broken and their army of unknown are slowly marching to take over.. Many people have questioned the trust of their neighboring Exalts, thus many have closed off borders and under high security. The Order, has already told the world their motive, to unleash the demon spawn known as Mire.
You will start in the city of Ouya, and will be apart of the Exalts higher up military people known in a small elite group known as Marshal. Your captain is Roy, prince of the current Exalt, and the brother of the prince who is known as Eli, both fair and kind in their responses, and would help anyone they needed to at the cost of their own life.
The Order is rising, Mire is said to be released, and the only people who could possibly stop this would be the Marshal and anyone else who might be able to help them along the way.
Your Exalt is King Deckard, and Queen Sully. Sully is the beacon of kindness, and hope. People look at her and hope is the only thing that fills everyone's heart. She wears her part of the amulet around her neck, to show the people their is still peace and she shows it. The king rules with a just hand, dealing fairness out along side with his queen.

The Eleven Countries are:
1) Ouya 2) Ven 3) Tilm 4) Secor 5) Tain 6) Meri 7) Pace 8) Zal (Currently ran by The Order) 9) Onge 10) Oni 11) Unled

You will be starting off in a a meeting room that is round and you shall be talking as of now until Roy enters and begins breaking down what exactly is going on. For now you can fight or do whatever you need until it begins. Enjoy until then!

Everyone has 100 HP and 0 EXP at level one and I would like if you could post that stuff at the top of your posts but it's not a big thing. Haha.