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Thread: A Promise,

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    Default A Promise,

    Is the main reason I'm here. Could even go as far as to say contract - that and from the need to rehabilitate myself into using online forums again, keeping my head's impetus at a constant; hopefully even some healthy increases thereof.

    Pleased to make acquaintances.

    The username you're seeing to the left is a commonly recurring one I use anywhere I've frequented in the past. Might find me in select locations throughout these internets. As far as I know, it is original. Or I bloody hope so, since I've only seen it used by others twice in websites I passed by.

    The Basics: I'm Japanese. Yes, fully - not half or partial. Only thing I'm challenged in the language is writing which can be chalked up to most of my upbringing in the United States. Still in process of working on it and I'd like to think it has improved to a point I can recognize what I write. For physical height, expect me to be abrupt. Last check had it as 165 centimeters, but many I know (save for a hand-count) are taller, leaving me to keep the assumption that I am still in the shorter side; tested.

    My hometown may be of a ear perk, eye opener for some of you. The place has seen some better days, but things still move on. It hasn't died or reverted to its original form yet, 'f you know what I mean. My heartfelt recommendation still stands in visiting there should a chance arrive for you.

    I'd surmise my personality as standoffish seeming and uncompromisingly forthright when viewed outward in, but such almost always tend to change (probably more of a heavy mood swinger than I'd like to realize) and my strive is to improve that continuously.

    Interests I have in anim้ genre has a tendency to lean towards military and everything firearms oriented, but my main focus for anything in most parts unanimously tracks onto its story and plot. I'm open to all things. If it can be a hint though, my mental era is still stuck in the Nineties (in this case, probably best to be exact and cite '98) so most of myself is rooted there. Good possibility I might give too many an earful with personal nostalgia - will try to refrain as much I can. Otherwise, the ages I tend to be attached to are the 20s through 40s and 50s. Art Deco and Three-Piece Suits for the win.

    Don't think I've missed any generals so far. I guess for the rest, you lot may ask me to which you feel curiosity in.

    Oh, and:

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