I'm new here and I don't know much about anime.

Anime I've watched so far:
-Bleach (I believe I've finished the main story. I heard it continues after it finishes, but I didn't bother watching it further.)
-Naruto (Seen all the main episodes of Naruto, and about 290 episodes of Naruto: Shippuden.)
-Pokémon (Only seen about one season.)
-Avatar: The Last Airbender (I consider this "American/Western-anime", don't care if you agree or not. I also saw Avatar: The Legend of Korra, didn't like it as much.)
-Yu-Gi-Oh (Only seen about 15 episodes or so.)
-Soul Eater (Only seen five episodes so far.)

I believe that's all I've watched so far. Now I'm looking for new anime to watch.
However, I'm rather picky with what I want. I believe there's a ton of anime out there, so there should be some that pleases me.

Here's what I'm looking for:
*First of all it needs to be the original language of the show. I don't want any dubbed stuff. (Ie an anime made in Japan should be spoken in Japanese. An "anime" made in America should be spoken in English. You get the idea.)
*Secondly, if the anime is spoken in any other language than English, it must have English subtitles - otherwise I can't understand a thing. Preferably by a good translator, and a readable text color, size and font (it's no good if I can't read it, right.)
*Third: As I said; I'm picky: so I want as good quality is possible, at least 480p. Preferably 720p or higher. The mb size of the movie-file doesn't matter, so long as it's good, high quality. Preferred file-types: .avi or .mkv.
*Fourth: I want to be able to download the anime to my computer (I don't want to watch it on soe stream-service.) The best way (and practically only way) for me to download a lot of episodes is by using torrents. (I can't be bothered going to some site, clicking a link, wait 10 seconds and watch some commercial, then get a download for a single episode - repeat 300 times for the entire series.)

These four points are what I call "the basics" that my anime needs to have. Naruto met pretty much all of these requirements for me, which was really nice.
Now for the actual anime:

*I want an anime like Naruto or Bleach (I believe it's called "supernatural anime"?), with a lot of changes:
*It has to be for grown-ups. Naruto seems to target kids more than grown-ups. Bleach does a better job at this, but Bleach isn't as interesting "combat system" as Naruto.
*I don't want the main characters to be "immortal", like every single show in the world (anime or not). I sit and watch a show where the main character faces a really strong villain (ie Naruto vs Orochimaru), and I'm not the least bit worried about the outcome of the fight, because I know Naruto or his friends is in no kind of danger at all. Even if they actually die, the developers bring them back to life right away. Shortly put: I want an anime where characters can die and stay dead, so that I can be alittle worried about the fights.
*The character progress must be balanced. In Naruto every character develops at the speed of light, while in Bleach Ichigo and his friends pretty much stays the same throughout the entire series (I am exaggerating the Bleach-example, but you get the idea.) Simple put: Naruto's characters developt too fast, Bleach characters develops to a certain point and stops. I want a better balance between the two.
*I don't want so much screaming and childish behaviour, for example Naruto (as a child; the start of the series) screaming and go charging in, or Black Star in Soul eater, or pretty much everyone in Pokémon (as I remember it, I might be wrong.) I don't mind characters being upset and screaming every now and then, but I just get tired of the constant screaming and stupidness of certain characters.
*I don't want the characters to get super powers just because their friends are in danger. For example: a main character fights a villain that is stronger than him. The main character gets beat half to death without putting a scratch on the enemy. The enemy leaves the main character for dead and turns to his much weaker friends to finish them off. Then the main character gets back on his feat, says something pretty about friends and promises then screams and turns the fight around and eventually wins - while in reality the main character should be unable to move and pretty much dead. I much rather see someone else come to the rescue (something a little bit more realistic.)
*I like the drawing style in Soul Eater, seeing more anime like that would be nice.

I'm sorry if this sounds like a long list of demands in my first post and all. These are just what I would like to see. If you know an anime that fits all or some of the above mentioned "requirements", please recommend them to me.
I could go on all day about what I like and dislike about certain anime, but I'm gonna stop here. I hope you got the big idea of what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance. =)