This Super Famicom (Japanese version of the SNES) game was released only in Japan. And now it's very rare. Every once in a while, a cartridge of it will show up on eBay for about $250 (almost enough to buy a brand new Wii U console). But there's something even rarer than finding the cartridge, and that is finding it with the original packaging and booklet. Yes, this is a SUPER RARE find. As a result, it's also SUPER EXPENSIVE. Here on eBay you can see just how expensive it is with a Buy It Now price of $3,111.81!!!!!! If you look at the pictures, the cartridge itself is wrapped inside a sealed plastic bag, which remains UNOPENED. The bag holding the cartridge obviously goes into the cardboard box, and while the seller opened the box to show its contents, he didn't open the plastic bag with the cartridge. This means this copy of the game has NEVER been played before! Now THAT is a rare find! Consider the fact that the SNES/SFC was the main Nintendo console over 20 years ago, which means that this game has been left unplaed for over 20 years, and they obviously don't make them any more. So this is a SUPER RARE find! I never even thought I'd get to see such with my own eyes, but here it is. AMAZING! I'm not gonna spend the money to buy it, but just to see such a thing is AWESOME!