Not sure if Im posting this on the correct board but it seems to me to be a pretty general Anime topic.

What is your favorite style of animation? My examples will be fairly limited as I have only seen so much but I would be very eager to read everyone's opinion.

Do you like a grittier more natural animation such as Neon Genesis Evagelion or Ghost in the Shell?
Do you like the how Cowboy Bebop had parts that were computer animated? Or maybe shows that utilize the computer graphics a lot?
Also there is Anime that has very "clean" (my word for it, though it may not be the best for what im trying to describe) animation like Avatar the Last Airbender.

Feel free to mention any other "type" of animation I may have left out!

Personally I like the gritty animation style of a show like NGE or Ghost in the Shell. I like it most because I feel like it truly reflects the work put in by the animation team and I love the people who dedicate their time for my enjoyment.
I despise the computer graphics for the most part, even in Cowboy Bebop I felt it was out of place and just looked weird. I would not be against giving an honest effort to watch and maybe change my opinion on a CG Anime but I just feel that goes against what I believe Anime is.

Looking forward to reading everyone's opinion on this subject!