I in all honesty hate most characters in Tekken, but there are a few I like those are Yoshimitsu, Kunimitsu, Lili, and Lei. I like Lili because she was the first character I got good with, and in Tekken 6 I made the best Asa Shigure costume for her I couldn’t stop. Next would be Kunimitsu I liked her because she was really hard to use and all her combos were so awesome looking. Then Lei I was never good with him online, but amongst my friends I could clean up almost every match. And lastly and easily my favorite, is Yoshimitsu. He took such a long time playing to get decent with, and like Kuni he has some really sick looking combos. Plus I love that you can perform a one hit kill by stabbing yourself and hitting your opponent through your body, He’s really just super fun to play with and has a lot of funny moves.