Lets get a Dead Space 3 thread going, it comes out on the 8th and the demo has been out for a while.
Let's start with some good questions just to kindle some conversations.
-What console are you getting it for?
-Have you played the Demo/Thoughts.
-Did you get the Dev Team Edition? it comes with a bunch of cool stuff in a metal box.

I'm getting it for PS3 mostly because I don't feel like buying gold these days.

The demo was pretty cool I played through it a few times both solo and co-op, the experience is pretty good in either mode and is more towards part 2 as can be expected.
The gun building is pretty nice but It feels like there might not be enough viable options, but the same could be said about any of the games so not a big deal. I'll still be holding onto my trusty plasma cutter/linegun,

I did get the Dev Team Edition, it's pretty sweet came with a marker that's pretty large, maybe about 8 inches tall if not a bit more. It also had a neato artbook and journal in there which gave me some good hope for the game.