Hello, I Remember I Was Watching Some Anime, And I Liked The First Episode, But I Was Busy, So I Would Finish It Later, But I Forgot The Name, And Where I Watched It From. I Forgot What It Was About, Too.

I Hope Someone Knows The Name, And Can Respond.

What I Remember Is, There Is The Main Character, I Think He Had Dark Blue Hair/Black.. And There Was This Bar With A Boss (Old Guy I Think) And Really Attractive Waitresses. They All Seem Like Good Friends, And Have A Good Time. The Boss Usually Gives Advice To The Main Character.

Next The Main Character Was With A Friend ( I Think Blonde Hair) At A Library, And He Gave Advice To Hit On This Girl, And It Was Completely False, So He Can Sit Back And Laugh, And He Starts To Chuckle In The Backround.. Then He Talks To The Girl Who Apparently Is A Famous Author Of Some Sort. He Talks About How He Admires Her, And He Somehow Gets Her To Tell Him What Color Panties She Has On (Tan Or Peach?), And He Invites Her To That Bar With All The Waitresses To Celebrate Her Book Or Something.

The Last Part I Remember Is He Was In A Room In The Bar, And I Think There Was A Washing Machine In There, And She Walks In To Change, But He Hides Before She Walks In, And He Says "Oh, Your Panties Really Are (And The Color)" And The Screen Goes Black And You Can Hear A Big Slap.

I Apologize If This Information Is Really Misleading, Or Weak.