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Thread: Sign Up: The Dark Veil Academy

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    Default Sign Up: The Dark Veil Academy

    LPS approved

    History: There is an academy filled with great and exciting students but the most unusual students are the...furry ones? The Scholasticism University A.K.A. Dark Viel Academy has human and half human students. The half students are ones that can actually become animals and what animal they become depends on their spirit animal fox, cat, dog, etc...The students that are half human are considered night class have sworn to keep their animal traits secret from the normal humans and both classes are monitored by the Perfect's( watchers who are specifically selected from the day class who has known about these half humans forever and knows that they need peace between the two races and feel the same as the principle Jane Watson), so the principle designed a school fit for both human and half humans. When day class ends they are suppose to go to the dorms and the Night class comes out, but the day class usually ends up staying and watching the night class come out to the school grounds.

    You can keep your breed a secret, if you do pm me that way I'll know but nobody else will and if you decide to reveal your self pm me before you do.

    Sample character sheet:

    Type: (Half human or human)
    Breed: (Only for half humans, what is your spirit animal).
    Male/Female Dorm:
    room number:
    Character Description: (if half human describe animal or show picture)
    Character backround or lifestory: (how you got the the Academy etc...)

    Sample character:

    Type: (Half human)
    Breed: Wolf
    Dorm: Male
    class: Night
    Room number:01
    Character Description: Dark Brown/Hazel eyes. Short flat top. Is 6'3. Wolf form http://howlingforjustice.files.wordp...-beautiful.jpg Very Friendly,caring,cheerful,kind,trustworthy,dependab le,supportive, Someone you could easily make friends with and is forgiving but then they'd have lost some of his trust if hurt bad, then they'd have to regain it. Though he doesn't really look it he's got an very strong inner body. He can spring from on the ground with his hands and land on his legs. He prefers trying to talk it out instead of fighting if possible. He turns dangerous to his enemies when it becomes an life threatening situation.
    Character backround or lifestory: He had an LOUSY preschool- eight grade. He was very friendly and didn't understand many things. He didn't have many friends either and strive to keep the ones he did. So not only was he viewed first as weak, he was also taken advantaged of. They'd promise to do things with him then after he got them the required things,"I don't remember saying that. Did you guys hear me say that? LOL" He was constant taken advantaged of,bullied, or picked on. Jess would tell the aids but they only told the bullies to stop or did nothing. It continued like that until one day in April of the fourth grade He find snapped, and fought back at his attacker using the moves he'd being taught by his karate sensei. It was over in four minutes. He was litterally forced by the ear from one of the aids to the principal office. The school head and vice principal was so angry they let their anger easyly cloud their judgement and wanted to expel him. His mother however retorted back. 'My son was only doing what he has been taught and was defending himself. He was taught to defend himself from an attacker and that student was attacking my son. If your going to expel my son I DEMAND that the other student be expelled also." They gave up and that was the end of him being picked on for most of the school quickly realized how strong and fast Jesse was, though he was usually cheerful,friendly,good natured,passive as far as fighting went and good mannered but if attacked then the other students feared they would end up like the student who was lying with his hands between his legs. Eighth grade two student was picking on him. After being knocked down into an curled on his back,he kicked both in the stomach and using his inner strength with his hands leapt up into the air and landing on his feet. The left one realized his inner strength and gave up messing with him, and would soon later become one of his friends. The right however would soon in the future cause Jess to transform and that person would meet his demise. The man was 5'3, but was an arrogant Jock who thought he was God's gift to the world and went even further by threating to end him and his family first One...By...One. Jesse transformed after being shot by an .44 Magnium multiple times and was half the size of an two story apartment. He slashed Left and right destroying the National park finally connecting he threw the Jock left like he was an rag doll and ran away. The town had to swear to be silent since everyone saw his transformation in the park. Soon his parents realized that he couldn't live an happy life here and moved to
    Scholasticism state. He then found an way to get his doctor's degree at this school Knowing he couldn't reveal his true heritage to the day class.

    The academy might seem normal but some say otherwise that there is something going on out of the ordinary. So far it's been kept at peace between the co-existence of the two races.


    1. When posting make sure to tell where you are (Ex. Area: room 204)

    2. You are allowed to explore the academy grounds but make sure you don't jump areas and describe your location.

    3. No fighting is allowed except if part of the RP.

    4. Love, drama, action, horror, etc... are all allowed be as creative as possible.

    5. Your breed can be mythical or just a normal animal.

    6.Your character just can't oh suddenly find out that the other class is Half human if they come within view. The half humans appear normal to the day class.

    7. have fun.
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