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Thread: 小さい問題がありますよ

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    Default 小さい問題がありますよ

    こんにちは、AnimeLyrics.comの皆さん!長い時で一人で日本語を勉強しました。今までは、知 ったことがあふれていて問題をたくさん解いたけど、またの問題がありました。この問題は、動詞のテ形につい てです。動詞のテ形は、どんな使いがありますか?よくわかっている、でも、何で次の言葉は英語へ翻訳してい るのが係わるか?

    Hello everyone at! I've studied japanese alone for a long time. Since then, I've learned tons of things and solved many of my questions, but there is one other I've had. This one pertains to the -te form of a verb. How is it used? I know the -te form well, but, how does it affect the translation of the next word? Most of all though, does it only affect the word that follows, or the entire sentence. For the most part, it seems to make a clause, but that's only from my experience in reading japanese. I am by no means a master.

    Speaking of which, if my japanese above has any mistakes, feel free to correct them or suggest alternatives, as I rarely have the opportunity to practice my writing due to lack of things to practice them on. Admittedly though, my skill at stringing sentences together has improved a lot from back when 'です' was my main course, and the gobi were my seasonings.
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