I'm bad at coming up with topic names.

I'm Tark. I'm 21. Also a dude, despite the avatar. I work for the government, I staple papers, then re-staple them, then the government pays me to do this.

I'm also a student. I already have a AAS in web design (it's basically the AMC Gremlin of AASes), and am currently pursuing an AA in foreign language (Chinese/Japanese split) as well as a BS in Mobile Development.

I'm more of a manga person than an anime person, lemme just give the shortlist real quick:
  • Fave Manga (Shounen) - Fairy Tail
  • Fave Manga (Seinen) - Freezing
  • Fave Anime (Shounen) - FMA Brotherhood
  • Fave Anime (Seinen) - Black Lagoon
  • Most Recently Watched Anime - Baka to Test
  • Most Recently Read Manga - To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
My sister, who will undoubtly make herself known in this thread soon, poked me until I joined, but I'm sure I'll be staying of my own accord.

So...yeah, that's it...not good at ending topics either.