And what are your personal contributions to help it?

I brought this up since I want to have an idea around what percentage of the population really cares about the current state of our environment, and if they even make any humble efforts to make it a little less worse than it is.

an environmentalist at heart since I was a kid. I discovered the elegance of nature from reading colored science books entitled 'The Young Scientist', and at an early age I became aware of the impacts of harmful human activity towards Earth. At home, I was dubbed the 'energy conserver' since I'm the one who checks every room if lights and/or appliances are left on without being used. Also, I never, ever threw litter anywhere but the trash bin, and I'm always furious about people who mindlessly throw their garbage just anywhere.

I took Chemical Engineering because I wanted to know how to alleviate the surrounding pollution. Ironically, the chemical engineers are actually the ones who made quite a lot of mess in the first place. Nevertheless, the said field is a very broad field, and this includes environmental engineering. What I'm doing now, as a bachelor of science graduate, is raising people's awareness, because I believe that we can't bring forth change if we don't know how or what really is going on; thus my blogs will be mostly about environment and stuff (so please understand me ^^).