She is the silhouette of Artemis
With eyes as bright as stars,
A shining example of young promise
Espied with kindness from afar

A fold of her nocturne hair
Reveals the thought-strings of dreams,
With but a single porcelain glare
She tears ambiguity by the seams

Her words linger like a shadow-song
Implied in the farthest flung poetry,
Where the countenance of courtliness
Is the benchmark of her potency

Where dusk meets dawn
Her light shines with inverted grace,
An enigma of the human condition
Reflects from her emollient face

Might the powers of the cosmos
Ponder her perilous design,
I would wander over yonder
Past the roads of humankind

Into the abstract I would dive
To understand her entire make,
For eons past in distant time
Has she held the chains of my fate?