I used to be into Photography alot, im 18 atm I started in 2009 which was 5 years ago. I would like to share some photos with you, I might be doing some of these are print, please do not use or steal these images. I have sized these down. I hardly took any photos in 2012 or 2013 but I am charging my camera now to take some photos even thought it really hot outside today, but I will see what I can find. About 60% of my photos are from my large garden.

My most proud photo is this one, which is done by a really old camera we had I always took it with me cause it was better to take it then the expensive one cause I was younger then. It was only about 8mega pixels.

With this lollipop photo I was testing out the Bokeh in the background, this photo has not been edited.

I was lucky to get close to this butterfly, I wish I didnt have the flash on by mistake but I still love it.

Just my boyfriends brothers cat her name is Mr. Kittysaurusrex. Im serious.

Tiger from Adelaide zoo I was lucky to see it that day it loves to hide 24/7.

Probably my second favourite photo, a Macaw from adelaide zoo. the Macaw show daily.

Lion from zoo, not much to say, I had to put my camera close to the fence.

was testing out the water rushing off the lemon. Done in the sink.

this one is very interesting. I just zoomed into one bit. this has not been edited.

Had to put a picture of me, I think my photography skills the past year have gone to my Instragram posts. LAWL.