Um...Kon.nichiwa Minnasan!~ Watashi wa Kazii~Mew desu!~

My nicknames are Kazumi (formally), Kaz, Kazzie, or Kazii. My favourite colour is Hot Pink/Black/White/Lavendar. And um...I really enjoy anime~ ^.^
-This is just a fun thing- On another forum, everyone has their own families etc, so I'm a mixture of a sister, twin and a cat.
I enjoy learning about Japanese, and know a small amount of words right now. I'm also learning Japanese songs to help me.
I enjoy singing, spriting, writing and drawing, but even if I enjoy them all, I suck at all of them. All my drawings/sprites/stories are really...plain. =.="
I'm really shy and such, a bit creative, and um...yeah. ^.^"
My fav anime is Chobits, Wedding Peach, Tokyo Mew Mew, Kanon, Mermaid Melody and Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~. I enjoy watching Magical Girl and Romance anime for some reason...

Domo Arigatou for welcoming me! Mata ne, Sayonara!~ =3 (Sorry if it's a big long...=.=")