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[Note: to make things easier to read, please separate the text color to differientiate between diety and mortal]

...Many years ago before humans existed, gods and natural deities coexisted without conflict. That all changed when the great Izanami and Izanagi had a great spat. When Izanami died and entered the Underworld, she began plotting the demise of her ex husband. Several millennium passed by, her revenge now entering fruition...

Pacing between the door of his office and the polished mahogany desk stationed in the center of the room, Zaryte was becoming more and more uneasy. His agent, Priscilla Dagrembeck had not returned with any news. In fact, she seemed to be ignoring his calls. The recruiter agents had not made any success. He had told them to not return to headquarters until they had found those with the ability to contract. "Cmon Priss. At least tell me something..." He growled and slammed the heavy tome in his hands onto the the unscathed desk.