Ok guys, damn some of you must be tired of me always posting for help but anyways here it goes...

So ive watched Elfen Lied, Highschool of Death, Freezing and Claymore, ofc im currently watching Naruto Shippuden and just finished Bleach Anime (im saving fairy tails for some other time) and ive also been watching One Piece, just finished the war with whitebeard (dont want to mention stuff because i dont want to spoil for those who arent there yet)

Well im looking for a anime that has blood, action, powers, ecchi weapons (optional) and please dont mention berserk please... i just want a anime that will get me hooked and makes me want to see more and more episodes... only things im asking for is that powers ecchi action and blood are a must.... if there is anything similar to Freezing and claymore combined please tell me.. thank you

Sorry for long post