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Thread: Games you've completed in one session

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    Default Games you've completed in one session

    If someone were to ask me, "Would you say that you're addicted to video games?", I would say, "Well, I do tend to immerse myself in long gameplay sessions, but I'm not addicted to games in the sense that I can happily refrain from gaming for months at a time." Also, some of the saves on my memory cards are as old as 5 years, and then they're many other games I own and have not got round to playing.

    Still... there are times when I don't feel like doing anything besides playing one game and nothing else, and the longer I play, the more involved I feel with the game's world, especially when it revolves around a certain character.

    Which brings me to the main question of this thread:

    Which video games have you completed in one session?

    Now, just to be clear: In this thread, a valid session is considered to be the act of playing a video game's main "story" mode from start to finish without breaks. A break is considered to be any period in which the player has either abandoned the video game, suspended the video game, or paused the video game to do something other than play the video game. While the video game is in any of those states, such acts considered as a break include (but are not limited to):

    > Engaging in some other recreational activity, including some other video game
    > Answering the door (However, answering the door for no more than 5 minutes is permitted (e.g. to collect a parcel or something...))
    > Using a telecommunication device such as a cellphone
    > Switching the input on the TV or monitor
    > Directly or remotely talking to someone
    > And any other act that means the game is either abandoned, suspended or paused except for:
    > Taking a toilet break
    > Taking a nourishment break (such as a tea break, snack break, meal break etc.)
    > For plasma TV owners: Pausing/saving the game and switching the input merely to clear image retention
    > Pausing the game to select or read any content related to the video game (such as an inventory)
    The game must also include a save option; games (and emulations of which) that do not allow saves will not be counted.

    Please do not post completed games for which you have used cheat codes (or equivelents).

    Here's my list, sorted from longest to shortest session:

    Metroid Prime [Gamecube]: Game time: 3hr 57min (speedrun with 100% items). Actual time: around 18 hours. Difficulty: Normal
    Pikmin [Gamecube]: Game time: 9 of 30 days (speedrun with all ship parts). Actual time: around 12 hours (Many game days were replayed for the sake of gathering as many ship parts in the shortest time as possible)
    Resident Evil [PlayStation]: Actual time: approximately 6 hours. Difficulty: Normal

    Have fun!
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