Hello everyone, im new to this forum and i just got hooked to anime and i really need your help, before answering please read my whole post.

Im currently watching gundam, naruto and one piece, ive already seen DBZ and Bleach...

But the other day i started watching Elfen Lied and damn i loved it and finished it.... the drama, the chicks, the gore, the suspense,the psychological mind blowing stuff, the supernatural people with invisable arms that rip you to shredds grozit all that crap like diclonius... up til now... its the best thing ive seen

Right now im looking for an anime that has the same elements as elfen lied.
-Supernatural stuff like mutant people that are much stronger then humans... or humans with special powers like diclonius (no magic crap)
-psychological crap that will tear your mind
-Sexy donkey anime, in elfen lied they were drawn very good and very very hot and i specially loved the partial nudity, made it more for someone of my age.

So basicly i want to watch the closest thing to elfen lied and to all the great stuff it has... if there isnt anything like it then something with gore nudity and psychological stuff oh and lets not forget the super human stuff like those diclonius

TY in advance