What the hell is going on with today's cartoons?

I woke up this morning and threw on Cartoon Network while getting ready for morning PT. This horrendous show came on called - "Almost Naked Animals", now if you haven't seen this show count yourself lucky. It's literally animals of all kinds running around, completely hairless, in underwear or boxers. Also a few of them speak like they have down syndrome. Growing up in the 90's, I watched shows like, Sailor Moon, Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, and the list goes on. I could probably go watch Boomerang and see a few of the old ones. But still, the only decent shows I watch on CN now are Regular Show and Adventure Time. I love that Toonami is back though.

Same thing goes with Nickelodeon, it's turning into a reality show network. What happened to Rocket Power, Doug, and so on. Guess this was more of a rant then anything..

I guess I just wanna hear everyone's opinion on the subject...