According to a report from the long-running Japanese trade publication, Famitsu, the long-rumoured Kingdom Hearts HD Collection from Square-Enix is due to become a reality, with the collection tipped to arrive on PS3 early next year.

What is most (pleasantly) surprising however, are the games which have been chosen to be part of the collection.

Famitsu claims that we can expect to see the the very first Kingdom Hearts game from the PS2; the PS2 version of the somewhat underrated Game Boy Advance title Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories; and the more recently released Nintendo DS entry in the series, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Most interestingly to us Western folk, the version of Kingdom Hearts included in the collection will be the ‘Final Mix’ version, which previously hasn’t been seen out of Japan. Oh and also, if you curious as to the somewhat curious absence of Kingdom Hearts 2 from the pack, don’t worry; its non-attendance plays into the title of the pack.

Titled ‘Kingdom Hearts HD 1,5 Remix‘, this appears to be the first of two HD Kingdom Hearts collections and one that specifically concerns itself with everything which happens before Kingdom Hearts 2. Based on that, I could wholly see a ‘Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix‘ being released shortly before the near-mythical next-generation Kingdom Hearts 3 does, containing Kingdom Hearts 2, PSP title Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and the final franchise effort on the Nintendo DS; Kingdom Hearts: ReCoded.

Anyway back to Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix. The game is tipped to have full trophy support in addition to generous lashings of HD toppings across all versions; something that i’m sure will look great for the PS2 entries in the franchise, but could serve to highlight the painfully visually basic aesthetics seen in the Nintendo DS effort. Needless to say, i’m waiting with somewhat baited breath on those first screenies.

Finally, while the ‘early 2013′ release window only applies to Japan at this point, you would have to be some sort of fool not to expect a western release of the pack (and its likely successor) given the popularity of the franchise on these shores.

I’m just loving the fact that not only are we getting a HD version of Kingdom Hearts (the previously unreleased Final Mix edition) in the first place, but that we’re also getting the relevant handheld titles chucked in there too; making these collections feel like proper, all-encompassing efforts that will cover all of the relevant entries (Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance notwithstanding) in the series prior to its inevitable next-generation debut.
I'm surprised it doesn't come with KH2 but ah well. Hopefully it will get a western release