Let go of the sanguine feeling
Into the winds so lost,
Eternity revealing
The ends and their costs

Certainly perceiving
With pensive senses arrayed,
Songless and careening
Begging the forces be swayed

A lofty type of meaning
Lost in lovers unspoken words,
Marks the dawn of the retrieving
Of some sense of human worth

Should one beseech the dreaming
For its subtleties and desires,
Would one attempt at preening
By the pride it requires?

All the while were grieving
For the loss of every day,
And when were not receiving
The love we wish to make

I now ask for a repealing
Of the things which slay the soul
And devote my heart unyielding
To a love which makes me whole

One day soon I hope for the best
One day later I wait for my request.