I'm republican nor democrat. I vote for who I think will get the job done. What has Obama done since he's been in office? Hmm. Let me think. Nothing.

All I can remember Obama for is how he cries when someone calls him a name or thinks badly about him. He's no king nor is he God's gift to the world. He's a president, and the last time I checked America was a free country with freedom of speech. Also, we have a law on how someone can become a president. Obama is from another country, and he didn't even salute our flag when he was voted in. How can you be all for someone who pretends to like us and be for us? He was bought and paid for. Votes didn't count. Money did.

I'd also like to point out Obamacare. Everyone thinks this will be a wonderful thing for us to have. The people who have been turned down for so long won't be turned down anymore. Yaaay. Let's have a party and celebrate.

Do you really think hospitals and doctor's offices will have room and time for everyone? You'll be on a long waiting list. Not to mention the fee for Obamacare. The people that will get Obamacare for free are people like this: A family of 4 that makes $28K a year. I never knew that a family of 4 could survive off of that. We won't have a middle class anymore. It will be rich and poor. The homeless of today will be dead, the poor of today will be on the streets, the middle class of today will become the new poor, and the rich will stay rich.

I forgot to mention that you won't have a choice with Obamacare. It will be forced on you. It will be either pay the fine or go to federal prison. Unconstitutional. Romney's bill was basically the same as Obama's. I don't like either of them, but I would rather take Romney over Obama.

Romney may be far left like Obama, but at least he's for this country and is an actual citizen. Obama just goes to his corner, cries, and says sorry. I'm pretty sure if Romney was in office and a country threatened to bomb us, he wouldn't be saying "I'm so sorry about blah blah. It'll never happen again." He'd tell them to bring it the eff on. That's the kind of president we need. Countries find us weak and vulnerable when we have a president that will do nothing but cry and say sorry.