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Thread: Wolf XXIX: Lord of the Rings Edition [GAME THREAD]

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    Default Wolf XXIX: Lord of the Rings Edition [GAME THREAD]

    Welcome to Wolf XXIX!

    Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
    Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
    Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
    One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
    In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

    In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie...

    Countless times this tale has been told and retold across the furthest corners of Middle Earth. The history which became legend, the legend which became myth. In the current age, such things are thought to be too terrifying and too grand to be mentioned in casual conversation. Particularly among the carefree and secluded realms of halflings, or hobbits if you will.

    On the night of his dear uncle's birthday party (or in this strange case, a farewell party of sorts), Frodo Baggins inherited this dangerously beautiful golden ring. He had yet to try it on, for he didn't believe he deserved to wear such a treasured heirloom that Bilbo Baggins had found in the depths of treacherous caverns during his legendary adventure with the dwarves.

    With the aid of Bilbo's old friend Gandalf the Grey, Frodo learned of the evil within the ring, that the dreaded stories of old of the Dark Lord and The One Ring were indeed true, and that he was the one to rid Middle Earth of its terrible power. He left his comfortable hobbit hole, following (quite unwillingly) in the adventurous footsteps of his uncle.


    Day Phase
    - Players discuss the proceedings of the game and decide who to lynch.
    - Every player must vote during this phase, using the formats [Vote Lynch XXX] and [Change Vote Lynch XXX]. Please remember to bold your vote. There will be no "No Lynch" option on Day One.
    - If a player fails to vote but has posted at least twice during the day phase, that will count as a self-vote.
    - CONCERNING MODBLOCKS/KILLS: If you fail to post at least twice during the Day Phase, I will enforce the following penalties. (These may change depending on the circumstances, or if I'm in a particularly crappy mood.)
    First offense: You will be mentioned and I will also send you a warning via PM.
    Second offense: I will modblock you for the following cycle, disabling all active and passive abilities.
    Third offense: You will be modkilled, eliminating you from the game, and I’ll never forgive you until probably a week later.
    - A PM will be sent to every living player, informing them of the start of every Day Phase.
    - Day Phases last about 24 hours. Phases may be extended or shortened depending on my IRL situations. What can I say?
    - Day actions are handled on a “first sent, first performed” basis. All actions must be sent to me via PM.

    Night Phase
    - There is NO POSTING during the Night Phase, unless I give explicit permission for reaction posts and the like. People who do so will receive the same warnings and penalties as those concerning inactivity.
    - Each Night Phase lasts about 24 hours. However I may extend or shorten it due to moderator excusable reasons.
    - Every night action that is not roleblocked will still be performed, even if the players of those actions are being killed.

    - This is a closed-set up game. Roles will only be revealed as the game progresses.
    - Leave the game discussion in the game thread. There will be NO OUTSIDE COMMUNICATION. EVERRR. The only exception applies to Wolves and Townie Masons, in which case I will provide the QT link along with role PMs. Players will suffer a horrendous modkill full of my disappointment and rage if I find out about any outside communication.
    - If you are killed, you are allowed a reaction post concerning your death. Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, continue to post hints or comments that may influence the votes and or actions of living players.
    - PLEASE BE AS ACTIVE AS POSSIBLE! Remember that if you don’t post within 3 day phases (approximately 6 days), you will be modkilled. If you have a legitimate reason to be inactive, please inform me ahead of time.
    - Role-hinting is strongly discouraged, at least for the first few phases. If I get your hint right away, you're doing it wrong.

    - EDITING IS NOT ALLOWED, only for typos and the like. Please double post if you want to add a new sentence or quote.
    - Spamming/trolling/arguing/flaming is allowed to an extent, but if it gets too bad I will intervene.


    Win Conditions:
    Town/Fellowship: Destroy all wolves and any Independents trying to eliminate you.
    Wolves/The Enemy: Destroy townies until their numbers are equal or less than your own, and any Independents trying to eliminate you.
    Independents: ???


    [Frodo Baggins] has received The One Ring!

    CrimsonMoon has been revealed as a part of the Fellowship (town)!

    "The Enemy is moving..."


    The first wavering rays of sunlight creep over the horizon...

    Day Phase 01 has begun!!
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